Stairlifts - answers to frequent questions

Stairlifts – Frequent Questions

Answers to frequent questions we are asked about having a stairlift fitted

We regularly get asked some questions about having a stairlift fitted, so to help you we have compiled these below.

Section: General questions on stairlift ownership

A: All across the North West of England, from Cheshire, Tameside and Greater Manchester to areas of Lancashire. The main towns/areas we cover include Ashton under Lyne, Bolton, Bury, Cheadle, Manchester, Oldham, Prestwich, Stalybridge, Stockport, Stretford and Wythenshawe.
A: All our chairs swivel so that getting on and off the seat is as easy and safe as possible. Manual swivel chairs have a catch to release to unlock the chair to rotate, or we can supply chairs with a powered swivel where the chair is rotated simply by pressing a button.
A: All stairlifts provided by Sterling come with two remote control handsets for added convenience.
A: All stairlifts provided by Sterling come fitted with seat belts.
A: All stairlifts provided by Sterling have folding seats that can be stowed when not in use to minimise obstruction to other members of the household when the stairlift is parked at the top or bottom of the stairs.
A: All stairlift chairs provided by Sterling are powered by rechargeable batteries and will remain fully operational during a power cut.
A: No, all stairlifts provided by Sterling are self-charging and will charge up when they are parked either at the top or bottom of the stairs. Some models even charge constantly.
A: No, on models that charge at the top and bottom of the stairs the charging points are concealed, and on models that charge constantly the track voltage is only 18V, similar to a toy train set track.

Section: Buying a stairlift – is my home suitable?

A: 18 inches minimum (measured from the bottom step)
It may be possible to install two short straight stairlifts, subject to safety considerations around the layout, your free site survey will determine if this is possible.

Section: Buying a stairlift – installation questions

A: The stairlift track will be fitted to your stairs requiring a minimum of three brackets, each secured by four screws. Longer or curved stairlifts will require more brackets and more work, however the method of securing the track will be the same.
A: No, the track will not be secured to the wall (please see above). For a typical straight stairlift installation no structural work should be required. Sterling will respect your home, working professionally, cleaning up afterwards and leaving your home as we found it.
A: No, modern stairlifts charge from a mains charger similar in size and shape to a mobile phone charger. The only cable will be a thin piece of wire from the plug to the stairlift track; which can usually be hidden under carpet or skirtings.
A: Modern stairlifts are very easy to remove, we simply remove the track by removing the screws and brackets. Usually the carpet will ‘fluff up’ in time to hide where the brackets were installed and in almost all cases it won’t be possible to tell that a stairlift had been fitted.
A: For your convenience we offer a new carpet service, working around your carpet fitter. We’ll remove the track in the morning, and re-visit later the same day to re-fit the track. This service starts at £150 (depending on your installation).
A: We are very happy to assist with and advise on the re-use of your existing stairlift and provide a removal and refitting service starting at £300. Depending on the staircase layout in your new home some additional track or modification might be required.

Section: Payment questions

A: We charge a 0% deposit on straight stairlifts, and a 10% deposit on curved stairlifts. Balance payable on completion of installation.
A: For sales we accept cheque, debit/credit cards, BACS and PayPal, with standing order option on rentals.

Section: Stairlift maintenance and repair questions

A: Yes, we provide a range of warranty options, please see our stairlift maintenance and repair page.
A: Yes, we are happy to service and maintain any make and model, regardless of who installed it. Please see our stairlift maintenance and repair page.
A: Yes, we offer a minimum £100 trade-in for any old stairlift when you choose a new or approved used stairlift from Sterling. For more information please see our stairlift maintenance and repair page.

Section: Stairlift rental questions

A: All our rental stairlifts are fully reconditioned and refurbished to the same standards as our approved used stairlifts. All stairlifts are inspected and serviced between rentals, meeting or exceeding relevant British safety standards.
A: The majority of our rentals are for straight staircases. But we can rent stairlifts for curved staircases in some circumstances, please contact us for more information.
A: We can nearly always install within 48 hours, but in some cases we have been able to get the installation done same day and we will always try to work around your requirements.
A: We charge £300 installation and £40 per calendar month rental. Removal of the stairlift at the end of the rental is completely free of charge.
A: We will re-visit you at the agreed end of the rental and remove the stairlift, cleaning up after ourselves and leaving your home as we found it. Carpets will usually ‘fluff up’ completely hiding any screw holes from the mounting brackets.
A: Yes, our rental costs includes our gold warranty package; call outs and all parts and labour are fully covered for the entire duration of the rental at no extra cost.

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