Curved Stairlifts

Curved Stairlifts as the name implies are constructed designed for curved staircases! Stairs that consist of intermediate landings and fan shape steps. Unlike standard straight Stairlifts the design and installation is a lot more complicated

Curved Stairlifts are bespoke design! Each rail is custom made for each individual staircase. The more complex your staircase / design will for sure increase the price considerably due to the fact more custom radius’s /Bends have to be formed produced etc.

Sterling Stairlifts go to great lengths to ensure your custom made rail is 100% compatible for your staircase. We do not re-use old rails to try and mix & match old rails to form a complete rail. Every single curved rail we install is brand new manufactured to the specifications of your staircase.

We can supply new or reconditioned curved Stairlifts from the leading UK curved specialist suppliers at very competitive prices. We have installed curved Stairlifts where other companies have stated it was not possible

Since we are 100% independent we can offer a number of different models. Each manufacturer has designed their Stairlifts with specific requirements to overcome certain obstacles associated with Curved staircases! Narrow staircases, steep inclines, tight radius bends and weight restriction issues

Simply put! We can offer the best of both worlds, competitive curved stairlift quotes for a number of manufacturer models making the whole process of finding the right curved Stairlift at an affordable price really straight forward and simple

All new curved Stairlifts come with a 2 year guarantee warranty and optional extended warranties are available on request. All pre-used curved Stairlifts come with a 1 year guarantee and again optional extended warranty plans are available on request

Curved Stairlift Prices! It’s hard to even try and state prices for curved Stairlifts as each installation is unique and every job has some obstacle that needs to be addressed to allow the unit to be installed safely and correctly

We offer free home technical site surveys conducted by trained engineers who can assess your home and staircase as well as your own personal requirements to build an exclusive package that will fulfil all your access solutions at an affordable price along with our Sterling reputation of quality with affordability

Contact us today by Free Phone 0800 6121 091 or please fill out our mail form and a member of staff will contact you at a time that is convenient for you including evenings or weekends. We look forward to serving you and your family in the very near future