Reconditioned, Secondhand, Straight and Curved Brooks Stairlifts in Manchester and Rhyl, UK

Stairlifts often referred to as, chairlifts are the most cost effective way to retain the freedom of your home. Sterling stairlifts are an independent stairlift supplier uk, we can give you a direct quotation for you to compare with other stairlift suppliers.

We are flexible and happy to work around you and your familyís commitments, we donít believe in hard selling tactics and can submit an accurate written stairlift quote if a couple of photos of the staircase are sent to us.

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We are an independent company that cover most of the UK with our extensive network of engineers we are always available to help.

We cover every aspect of stairlifts from sales to installation, repairs, servicing, rentals, extended warranties, removals, re-locating, re-fitting etc...

We can help you choose the right stairlift for your needs and budget.

Straight or curved, New or Reconditioned. If you already own a Stairlift that needs attention. Contact us at anytime for assistance.

Ring our freephone number to speak to an expert for free friendly advice, or fill in the contact form with your querry and you will receive a prompt reply.

We offer a complete service in the stairlift industry.

We are able to provide a wide range of new and reconditioned stairlifts.

All stairlifts that we sell come with minimum 12 month warranty

We service and repair all makes and model of stairlift regardless of age.

Our aim is to make your life easier.

A free no obligation survey of your staircase can be arranged at your convenience.

We have a wide choice of new stairlifts from many different suppliers.

Repairs and servicing is also available on boot hoists, mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, rise and recliner armchairs and many other mobility products.

Straight Stair Lifts Hire

If negotiating the stairs at home is becoming more of a challenge for you, then perhaps it is time you got some help. With a stair lift from Sterling Stairlifts, getting up and down the stairs is no longer a problem as doing so has become effortless.

A stair lift can be easily installed into any home to provide you with the help you need while leaving the stairs available for other people to use. Easy to use and also very comfortable, a stairlift will get you up or down stairs in just a few moments.

If you are concerned about the cost of buying a stair lift then ask about stair lift hire. With the option to hire a stairlift you can afford the help you need, meaning that you can you get full use of your home again.

If you do choose to have a stair lift installed then you will be delighted and know that you have made the right choice the first time you use it.

Installation should take no more than a couple of hours or so, so any inconvenience to you is kept to an absolute minimum and you can begin to use your new stairlift straight away.

Brooks Reconditioned Stairlifts

There has been evidence in the UK of stairlifts being used dating back the reign of King Henry VIII. He was the first person to use the concept of getting up and down stairs or steps with an assisted method.

During his stay at the Whitehall Palace in London, one of the Kingís subjects designed and constructed a system of block and tackle pulleys on a track that helped the overweight ruler of England navigate the many steps and stairs in the Palace.

It wasnít until the 1930ís though when C.C. Crispin, an American, invented a contraption called the Inclin-ator. It served the purpose of being the first motorised stairlift of modern times. During the 1930ís a vast amount of the population suffered from polio and the Inclin-ator was a popular and cost effective way to get up and down your home stairs.

Fred Brooks was the pioneer of stairlifts in the UK and he was the first person to manufacture and sell motorised stair lifts back in 1973. Brooks himself had fallen upon the design when his wife, Grace, had no option of getting up and down the family home stairs due to her arthritis issues. Brooks made a prototype in 1972 and this was so well received that by the following year production had begun on creating his own brand.

Brooks stair lifts are one of the best around, so even if you cannot afford to install a new stairlift, secondhand Brooks stairlifts will most certainly do the job.

Curved Stairlift Rental Prices

If your limbs are not moving as freely as they once were, then you may be finding that you canít move around your own home as freely as you would like to be able to. You may find yourself restricted to certain parts of your home or having to take a risk every time you want to move to a different floor. You could consider having a stair lift installed but for some people this is simply just too expensive to do. Searching the internet is great place to start for some of the cheaper options, but here at Sterling Stairlifts, we provide a great range of new and reconditioned stairlifts in the UK at very competitive prices.

If you do opt for a reconditioned stair lift over a new one then you should find that it is in excellent working order. Anything that needs replacing is replaced so even a reconditioned stairlift will work as though it has come straight from the factory.

The stair lifts are designed to be as easy to use as possible and you will need to make virtually no effort at all to use one. Using the controls on the chair you can control your climb or descent and it is very easy for you to board and disembark the chair.

With your chair installed, no longer will you need to take the risk of broken bones or other injuries caused by a nasty fall. Speak to an expert about having a stair lift installed and you could soon find that your daily activities are much easier than before.

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